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At the Beauty Spot, we are proud to offer Decléor as a premium skincare product for your everyday use. Whilst we’re in lockdown, we don’t want you to miss out, which is why these high-end products are now available to buy directly from our website.

Reinvigorate your soul and revolutionise your skincare routine with our transformative Decléor Essential Oils. With the best and rarest natural ingredients, you can treat yourself to the protective, regenerative, and reproductive properties native to Decléor products. A rare, active, and concentrated combination of Essential Oils are used in our available skincare products, born from some of the natural worlds most selective and antidotal plants. 

These powerful properties have been carefully and professionally selected, extracted, and blended with nothing less than the highest level of expertise. With the careful attention of Aromatherapists, Dermatologists, and Aromachologists, Decléor can offer your skin the special edge it deserves. With at least 150 active molecules in each drop of Essential Oil, transforming your skin has never been easier or healthier. For a better, smoother, and more beneficial experience, all Decléor skincare formulas are allergy-tested, with Essential Oils featuring in each one. 

Decléor Essential Oils offer the very best of the natural world to revitalise your skin, with ingredients born and harvested from the very best bits of the plant. The maximum authorised concentration is always used for skincare, selected and sustainably sourced from the finest regions in the world before being locally distilled to ensure the highest levels of freshness. Ingredients are always front of mind, with Decléor proud to deliver ingredient-led skincare products, helping you work towards your desired skincare results.

From the 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator, ripe with natural exfoliation seeds,; to the Aromeassence Laveandula Iris Rejuvenating Serum to help reduce lines and improve skin texture. The choice is yours and the possibilities for healthier skin are endless. At The Beauty Spot, we have all your Decléor needs, and are ready and available to support you on your journey to a better, brighter and healthier lifestyle. 

Browse our available items below, and feel free to contact our customer service team if you have any questions about our products.

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